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Dhol is the most popular drum used in Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is barrel-shaped and is covered by skins on both sides.

It contains a barrel-shaped shell and two heads usually one of them is made from hide of animal skin and other from synthetic skin. Size of shell varies from region to region and it is generally made from mango wood or sheesham wood.

Heads of dhol are about 13 inches in diameter. Out of two heads ,one contains a thicker skin and produces a low frequency sound due to the presence of masala. The other one with thinner skin generates a higher frequency sound. Due to its larger diameter, it produces a magnificent bass sound and creates an atmosphere of liveliness.

Punjabi Dhol is played with the help of a pair of sticks out of which one is used for thicker side and the other one for thinner side. The thicker side stick is known as dagga and it is bent at a quarter-circular arc at the end that strikes the skin. The other one called tilli is more flexible and thinner.

A dhol is slung over the neck of a player with the help of cotton/nylon strap while playing as shown in the figure:

Pitch of the Dhol can be adjusted either by tightening or loosening the dhol which can be accomplished by either altering the position of metal rings or adjusting the turnbuckles.

Another decorative feature of Punjabi Dhol due to which it gains attention are Colored Tassels(Phumans) which are attached to the tightening rings.

Punjabi Dhol plays an integral part in local culture. Its use is not only limited to artistic events, but can be commonly found at political rallies, sporting events, or at almost any situation where one wishes to create a festive feeling. Some of the widely used rhythms of punjabi dhol are bhangra, dhamaal and kaharva.

In Punjab, it has became the root of Bhangra music. In Assam, it is used at the most popular festival called Rongali Bihu. It is used by Gujaratis in Navratras. Hence it can be said that it is a widely used musical instrument both at formal and non-formal occassions.

Famous Dhol Manufacturers of india are: Maharaja musicals, Bina Music Store, Delhi Musical Store, Chopra Musicals etc.

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