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Following are some of the accessories provided with a dholak:

1. Spanner : Commonly referred to as a Wrench, it is a hand tool which is used for providing grip and mechanical support for applying torque to turn rotary objects such as nuts and bolts. There are many different kinds of Spanners available in the market and each of them serves a different purpose.

Spanner used for bolt-tuned musical instruments such as Dhol and Dholak are open-ended at both the ends and both the ends have unequal diameters. Ends are aligned at some angle(around 15 degrees) to the longitude of the wrench. Alignment of ends helps in greater range of movement in surrounded spaces.

2.Steel Rings: These are the small tuning rings used in rope-tuned dholaks and dhols. These rings help in the tuning of instrument by just adjusting the position of rings. Tightening of rope lacing can be done by just tightening the rings.

3.Bag: As the name says, it is just like any other bag that is used for easily carrying the instrument from one place to another. It also helps is protecting the instrument from damage.

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