Dilruba/Esraj Accessories

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Accessories provided with a Dilruba/Esraj are:

1.Bow: Bow is a stick that is used by players to rub on the strings of the instrument and produce vibration which in turn produces a sound. It is crafted from a piece of wood and a horse hair is stretched between the ends. Since bow is the only thing that helps in producing sound, so it becomes very important to learn how to use a bow along with learning to play the dilruba/Esraj itself.

2.Rosin: It is a solid form of resin obtained from pines and some other similar kind of trees. Rosin is produced when fresh liquid resin is heated and volatile liquid terpene components gets evaporated. Resin is used in various fields because it helps in increasing friction. Rosin is used on the bow hair so that they can grip more tightly and produce a clear sound and vibration.

3.Storage Case: It is a case used to hold the instrument in a correct position so that it does not get damaged. This case can either be made of fibre or can be a sturdy case to keep the dilruba safely. It is help in increasing the life of the dilruba/esraj and prevents from heat, sun and rain.

An extra set of strings is also provided for emergeny situations.

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