Harmonium tuning

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Tuning of a Harmonium is a trial and error method and can only be mastered with practice and experiments. It is always advised that tuning must be done in the supervision of some expert else something irreparable might happen. Following are some of the steps by which harmonium can be efficiently tuned:

  • Uncover the harmonium and open it by turning on the latches.

  • Two tools required for tuning a harmonium are: Engraving tool and a butter knife as shown below:


  • Use knife and raise the reed.

  • For increasing the pitch, scrape off some of the metal from the tip. It will assist in sharpening the tone.

  • If the pitch need to be lowered or flattened, use the same process but now at the end that touches the instrument.

  • After each step, listen to the pitch. If it is same as the required one, then stop the process else repeat until you get the desired tone.

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