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After an instrument is bought, first step to learn before playing is to greet your instrument and learn methods to take care of them.

Dhol is a tough instrument which is evident from the huge force required to play the same. Also it is a delicate instrument and requires utmost care for handling the same. Some of the easy tips by which you can take care of your Dhol are:

  • When the dhol is not in use, keep it in a hard case. In the absence of hard case, place the dhol vertically with the bass side on the bottom and covering the treble side with a piece of cloth so as to protect it from water.

  • Always store a Dhol in a dry place and make sure that it is protected from moisture. Moisture affects the skin and hence the tonal quality of the instrument. also keep liquids away from the dhol.

  • The treble side of the dhol is most sensitive part and it need to be protected in any case. Even slightest of weight might let it out of tune. It is advised not to keep any books or cup etc. over it .

  • Always keep it covered.

  • Always remember to loosen the strings when the dhol is not in use. Even while using, make sure that there is the strings are not too tight that they break.  If the strings are too tight, then heads might get overstretched and get damaged.

Keep the Dhol away from the reach of the children as they are very curious and might affect the skins with the sharp pointed objects.

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