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As we already know Flutes are made from natural materials and hence require utmost care. It is prone to cracks, thermal tensions and are easily affected by bugs and insects. Following are some of the points to be kept in mind if you own a bansuri:

1. Bansuri needs to be oiled frequently to prevent them from damage when climatic changes occur.

2. Frequency of oiling depends upon the climatic conditions. For instance, bansuri needs to be oiled 4-6 times a year in hot, dry climates.

These are some of the tips while oiling a bansuri:

  • Never oil a wet bansuri¬†(recently played). Let it dry for sometime.

  • After 15 days of purchase, oil your bansuri for the first time.

  • Always use Mustard Oil or Walnut Oil.

  • Oiling should be done only before the blowing hole.

  • Oiling swab should not be forced into the same, as it may get cracked.

3. Avoid using a bansuri in cold conditions as it might expand unevenly and develop cracks due to warm air blown into it.

4. Prevent bansuri from dropping or knocking against any hard surface as it might develop cracks due to unidirectional fiber orientation.

5. Make sure that bansuri is threaded/bound at both ends.

6. If u notice that threading is coming out, bind again either using thread or applying 4-5 rounds of a tape.

7. Never leave a bansuri on floor, as a foot that walks over it may be yours.

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