Maintainance of Israj

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Following are some of the important points that need to be kept in mind while buying an Esraj:

  1. Get a case for storing your Esraj. It is cheaper to buy a case than buying a whole new instrument if it is damaged. Also it is better to cover Esraj with a bed sheet even while carrying it in a case as it is very delicate instrument.

  1. Avoid keeping the instrument at a place with Extreme temperatures. Too much of heat or cold might create unnecessary tension and the Esraj might break.

  1. Keep the instrument away from the reach of children. They find instruments fascinating and might damage it rendering it irreparable.

  1. Do not tighten the strings so much that the bridge gets collapsed or the strings get broken. It is also better to retune Esraj periodically than buying a new expensive instrument.

  2. Replace your strings after every 6-8 months. It is a bit tedious task to replace the strings. So always take help from expert. Also first replace the sympathetic strings, then main ones and then leave it for some time to settle itself.

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