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A tanpura requires utmost care just like a small baby. They need to be checked periodically. Just by carrying out some simple steps, you can take care of your tanpura efficiently.

The steps are:

  1. Protect the gourd in any case: Resonator is made from dried out pumpkin and it needs to be handled as it is much sensitive. So always carry with a case. Also its much cheaper and easier to afford a new case than a whole new instrument.

  1. Prevent the instrument from Extreme temperatures: Avoid taking the instrument in the extreme temperatures. Excessive might cause the wood to break and the gourd might be affected if kept in cold. So treat it like a baby, and protect it from extremities so as to retain its sound and quality.

  1. It is advisable to always loosen the strings when the tanpura is not in use. It is necessary so that grooves are not developed over the bridge. In case it happens, it needs to be filed and tuning becomes difficult.

  1. If you use your tambura daily, replace the strings after every 3-4 months so as to maintain its tonal quality. If tambura is used occasionally, then replace the strings whenever requires. Always keep an extra pair of strings so that you are not struck in a problem, if it breaks.

  1. Try to keep the instrument away from the reach of children as they are easily fascinated.

Even after so much care, gourd breaks unfortunately then there is no option other than repair it. In most cases, it is much cheaper to own a new tanpura than to get the older one repaired.

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