Making of Bansuri(Flute)

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Bamboo required for making bansuries must be thin-walled, straight with uniform cross-section and longer internodes. These kind of bamboos are rare to find and hence the good quality bansuries are expensive. Such bamboos can be found in the forests of Assam and Kerala.

After harvesting, bamboos are seasoned for strengthening them due to the presence of natural resins. The ratio of length v/s diameter is an important factor while selecting a bamboo.

Then a cork stopper is inserted for blocking one end & a blowing hole is burnt next to it. The holes should be made with red hot skewers since drilling causes the fibrous bamboo to split along the length, making it useless. Holes are made by applying certain formulas.

Holes can be made only once because just one mistake might ruin whole of the flute. So initially small holes are made and and their diameters are incremented gradually making adjustments according to the required tone.

Then it is dipped in antiseptic oils, after which it is cleaned, dried and its ends are bound with silk or nylon threads for decorating and protecting against thermal expansion. Now the Bansuri is ready to be sold.

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