Parts of Harmonium

in Harmonium

Different parts of harmonium are as illustrated in the following fig. :

1.Body: It is the main part that comprises of all other parts. It can be of two types: Like a simple-box or like a suitcase style of enclosure.
2.Bellows: These are the important parts that help in pumping of air. Both external and are present in a harmonium and help in pushing air in different ways. The bellows can either be two-fold or multi-fold.
3.Keys: These are small wooden controls that help in generating music. The keys are black and white just like in any other western instrument with a keyboard.
4.Cover: Cover is a small piece of wood, cloth or glass that helps in serving two important tasks: Preventing from damage and varying frequency of sound by muting higher frequency.
5.Stops: Stops help in controlling air-flow. There are two types of stops: Main and drone.
Main stops are devices that manage the flow of air through reed chambers. They also help in operating some special functions.
Drones are helpful in controlling the flow of air over un-keyed reeds. It is generally believed that no. of drones are one more than the no. of main stops.
6.Handles: Handles help in carrying harmonium easily from one place to another. Depending upon the style of body(box or suitcase), a harmonium may either have one or two handles.
7.Reeds: These are small metal controls that vibrate when air is forced into the harmonium and hence help in producing desired sound. Pitch of instrument is dependent upon the size of reeds. Reeds are present in the form of banks. If are x banks, then the harmonium is called as x-reeded instrument.
8.Coupler: It is an optional characteristic that provides with the function of double-key. It simply means that when one key is pressed, the corresponding key in the next octave is pressed automatically. It helps in producing a magnificent sound.

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