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Accessories provided with Sarangi Instrument are:

1.Storage Case: It is a case used to hold the instrument in a correct position so that it does not get damaged. This case can either be made of fibre or can be a sturdy case to keep the sarangi safely. It is help in increasing the life of a sarangi and prevents from heat, sun and rain.

2.HorseHair Bow: It is a part used with some stringed musical instruments which causes a  vibration in the strings and thus produces a sound.  A bow  is made of a wooden stick and a ribbon like material is stretched between the ends. This ribbon is used for striking with the strings and producing a sound. In Horsehair bows, hank of horsehair is used in place of ribbon and for producing a vibration in sarangi.

3.Rosin: It is a solid form of resin obtained from pines and some other similar kind of trees. Rosin is produced when fresh liquid resin is heated and volatile liquid terpene components gets evaporated. Resin is used in various fields because it helps in increasing friction. Rosin is used on the bow hair so that they can grip more tightly and produce a clear sound and vibration.

4.Gut-Strings: Gut-strings are the cords made from the natural fibre present in the walls of intestines of animals. Animals commonly used for this purpose are sheep, goat but sometimes other animals such as cattle, horses, donkeys etc. These are very helpful in producing high pitch sound and are commonly used in the stringed instruments such as Sarangi, Sarod etc.

Extra set of strings is also provided with a sarangi so that it can be replaced if the strings get broken.

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