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Accessories provided with Sitar instrument are:

1.Mizrab: Mizrab is a handmade plectrum used for playing Indian stringed instruments such as sitar. It is a made using a continuous stand of iron and is used for striking the strings by wearing it over a finger(usually middle finger). Its size is adjusted in such a way that it fits tightly on the finger and does not move.

2.Storage Case: It is a case used to hold the instrument in a correct position so that it does not get damaged. This case can either be made of fibre or can be a sturdy case to keep the sitar safely. It is help in increasing the life of the instrument and prevents from heat, sun and rain.

3. Learning Manual: It contains the basic techinques for playing a sitar. It also gives tips for taking care and maintenance of sitar.

Along with these, an extra set of strings is also provided for emergency situations like breaking of strings while playing etc.

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