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Following are some of the accessories provided while buying a Tabla:

1.Cushions for drums: As the name suggests these are the small handmade cushions made for keeping the tablas in upright positions and supporting them. Tablas are placed over them at the time of playing.

2.Storage Case: It is a case used to hold the instrument in a correct position so that it does not get damaged. This case can either be made of fibre or can be a sturdy case to keep the tabla safely. It is help in increasing the life of the instrument and prevents from heat, sun and rain.

3.Tuning hammer: It is a small metal hammer designed only for the tuning purpose. It contains a sharp edge which is used for adjusting the blocks. A blunt head is also present for tuning of tabla and there is a small lever at end which is specially designed for placing tuning ropes over the wooden braces. It is almost provided while buying a tabla. Even if it is not, it can be purchased for just few cents.

Coves for covering the heads of tabla are provided so that the heads can be covered while the tabla is not in use. These covers protect the heads from direct heat and water. A learning book is also provided so as to learn the basic techinques of tabla in the absence of teacher and for taking care of the same.

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