Taking care of harmonium

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Following are some of the steps that need to be followed for taking care of harmonium and increasing its lifetime:

  1. It should be kept at a place free from insects.

  2. It must be covered when not in use.

  3. Before playing, pumping of  the external bellows assists in filling the internal bellows which further helps in building pressure.

  4. Prevent the harmonium from direct sunlight so that its polish could be retained for long.

  5. Make sure that children do not make any kind of holes in the bellows as it may affect the quality of sound.

  6. Never play with strings or reeds to avoid buzzing.

  7. Try not to turn the wetter drones as it stimulates air leakage.

  8. Never keep your harmonium in extreme temperatures. Too much of sunlight , too much cold or even rain might spoil the instrument.

  9. Always remember to blow off the extra air before you close your harmonium.

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