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As we know that tanpura is basically of two types namely: male tanpura and female tanpura. Each tanpura generally consist of atleast 4 strings although it may have more number like five, six or seven.

A male tanpura is mainly tuned to tonic note (Sa) i.e, C# and the female ones use a fifth higher note although there is no hard and fast rule and any note can be used as per the requirement.

The standard tuning used is 5-8-8-1 i.e, Pa, sa, sa, Sa but in some cases natural fourth can also be used by omitting fifth which becomes 4-8-8-1 i.e, Ma-sa-sa-Sa.

In some cases, the tuning used is Ni-sa-sa-Sa which is known as Shuddh Ni and is present in one semitone octave below sa.

If there are five strings used, then 5-7-8-8-1) i.e, PA-NI-sa-sa-SA or 4-7-8-8-1 MA-NI-sa-sa-SA is used.

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