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Taus is one of the bowed string instruments made in the shape of a peacock.It is mostly used in Northern and Central India. Taus is a Persian word and it means peacock. It is similar to dilruba in playing technique and its construction. It has 28-30 strings and is played with a bow.

Taus is believed to be introduced by Guru HarGobind Singh Ji and that is why it was bigger in size because it was built according to His own physical size.It was very heavy and generate a deeper, fuller tone.It was then replaced by Dilruba.

Taus has a sound hole at the ‘tail’ end and stands on bird-feet carved in wood. Before Buying Taus make sure that it is of good quality wood.

 All the instruments belonging to the family of strings can be played with equal ease. There exist only minor variations that one need to know.

Some of the famous taus manufacturers in India are: Maharaja Musicals, Delhi Musical Store, Raj Musicals etc.

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